Annual Reports

Government Clients and Civic Projects

These projects are all for government clients and civic projects.

(Below) Cover and first spread of the Hamilton County (Cincinnati) Metropolitan Sewer District Annual Report. Researched, wrote and designed
the county’s annual reports for three years. There was no budget for a professional photographer, so sewer workers were given portable
cameras and asked to document their work. The strings of lights on the Suspension Bridge and every riverboat are used as a repeating element
on every page.

Metropolitan Sewer District Annual Report

Annual Report Wrap-around Cover

Inside spread of annual report

(Below) Metropolitan Sewer District Annual Report – Statistical Data and Maps

Cover and spread of annual report

(Below) Civic Pride Campaign for Covington, KY – Print brochures accompany a walking tour of the city, bumper stickers raise awareness and reinforce
civic pride, and outdoor billboards promote the campaign to both visitors and residents.

(Above) Civic Pride Campaign - Print & Environmental

Covington Pride Billboard