Collateral Program & Identity for Antiques Store

Quarterly auction catalog and identity program for antiques store

Catalog for Antique Auction House

Catalog for Antique Auction House

This auction catalog is published 4x/year to preview the most significant pieces to be offered at a quarterly auction. It ships to overseas buyers for preview six weeks before the actual auction. The catalog is designed to whet the appetites of existing customers, drive traffic to the web site, and encourage phone and online bids. Typography written with a quill pen is screened as a background image tying all pieces together with a recurring theme.


A kinetic identity was designed to show the specific areas of expertise of each staff member (colonial, Victorian, books, furniture, technology). The clients (who are actually named Smith, a common name) adopted the English spelling of the name for their business to present a more upscale image to clients.

Business cards for antique auction house