Collateral & Identity Program for Atlanta Bee Co.

Collateral program, packaging and WordPress website

Complete collateral and identity program for the Atlanta Bee Co. includes a website, corporate identity, print and packaging design.

The web interface uses navigation at the top, news at the center and product promotions on the right sidebar. I suggested that the client put more information on the site and change it frequently to attract return viewers and rank higher in the search engines. A list of customers was built through one-on-one contacts at events and the site’s registration page. A “Recipe of the Month” and news RSS feed was set up to send a monthly email to the list as reminder advertising.

(Below) Web Site for Atlanta Bee Company

Web Site, Corporate Identity and Packaging Design for Atlanta Bee Co. Honey

(Below) Both the honey and olive oil packaging have split front and back labels with transparent sides so customers can check this organic product to make sure it is free of contaminates. The tops of the bottles are sealed by dipping them in 100% beeswax, a by-product of the manufacturing process. The clients are very conscience of their impact on the environment and all designed objects use recycled papers and glass, and water- and soy-based inks in the printing process. For economy, the back labels remained the same and the front labels changed to show the origin of the honey. Ingesting honey and bee pollen harvested from the same area where you live builds immunity to specific allergies. Packaging for Premium Gold Honey, Regional Honey and Regional Bee Pollen.

Pollen Packaging

Honey Packaging(Below) Packaging for Imported Organic Olive Oil