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Nicholas E. Gressle
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To Whom it May Concern,

Ellen Lytle was my design professor at Northern Kentucky University as I pursued my B.A. in Graphic Design. Ellen was by far one of the most influential design mentors in my life. I came into the program after switching majors from Biology to Design.

Ellen helped me find my voice as an illustrator and as a designer. She was the type of instructor that led the students to find our own path while providing an incredible support system. I frequently sought her advice and direction while formulating my career path. I credit Ellen for opening my eyes to the potential of digital design, and if it were not for her patience with my 20-something arrogance, I would have bypassed my introduction to the Macintosh.

That sums up Ellen’s ability as an instructor. She has great perspective and patience, and has an ability to communicate it in such a way that you learn how to use her information and style later in your own career. That to me is an amazing gift for a teacher.

Since graduation I have led digital design for some of the world’s largest consumer brands. I credit her with my ability to approach problems in the business not just as a designer, but as a creative problem solver.

I am in my twentieth year in the branding business and lead the implementation and integration of the global design principles for Pampers® at LPK in Cincinnati, and I recognize that if not for Ellen Lytle as my professor I would not have had the vision or confidence to have achieved the successes I have.

In summary, every successful professional is only as strong as the foundation created by themselves and the talented individual that helped them identify the cornerstones from the mortar. Ellen Lytle is that professor and that mentor. Your department would be well served by her addition to your team.

Sincerely,  Nicholas E. Gressle


Bryan Hamlin, M.Des.
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To whom it may concern,

Remembering my Northern Kentucky University years, I have always thought Ellen Lytle made such a difference in our program. Bill Worley, the previous coordinator of the graphic design program, was dying of cancer and was just having a terrible time toward the end. We felt bad even mentioning the state of our program. I remember Ellen’s reaction to what we had to work with – a failing stat machine and aging Compugraphic.

I remember her getting us Macs and competent guest judges from the industry for critiques, and new instructors who were both great teachers and great designers. I remember many things she did for us – and for me – and I still greatly appreciate them 24 years later.

Although I did not end up in graphic design as a profession, the education at NKU I received from Ellen Lytle and all the staff has been crucial to me becoming a fully-rounded designer of 2- and 3-D and to be able to visually communicate concepts in both designed and printed form. Odd how everything joined together for me in the end – sculpture, graphic design, lighting systems from nightclubs I designed, photography, architecture, and interior design – but often, it is first perceived in graphic form, and I thank Ellen for believing in and instructing me along the journey.

Sincerely, Bryan Hamlin
January 5, 2011


Kelly Johnson
Trial Illustrator – U.S. Treasury
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Letter of recommendation for Ellen Lytle

Looking back on my years as a graphic design student at Northern Kentucky University (NKU), there is no question that Ellen Lytle had an important impact on not only me, but the entire graphic design program at NKU. Under her direction, she elevated the program into the digital age by introducing Macintosh computers and software to the curriculum.  At the time (early 1980s), this was a radical, visionary shift for the existing “old school” curriculum and the only program in the area doing it. Her pioneering efforts fortified the program to make graduates more competitive in a rapidly changing graphic design job market that demanded proficiency in the area of computer graphics.

In addition to technology, Ellen also revitalized the graphics program with the latest design techniques and concepts. She was adamant about staying current with design education trends and in touch with the real world. The ability to effectively instruct and keep one foot in the design business sector was critical to her success as a graphic design professor and department head.

Lastly, and probably most important, Ellen really cares about her students. That was a constant with her approach to teaching. A student knows when a professor holds his/her welfare as a top priority. As a former graphic design student, I felt she genuinely cared about my success both during and after my education at NKU. Because of her visionary leadership at NKU, I graduated with the knowledge and experience to help me attain my current position as a trial illustrator for the U.S. government.

Sincerely, Kelly Johnson


Ivan Trujillo, M.F.A. Phone: 707.293.6001
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To Whom It May Concern,

I’ve known Ms. Ellen Lytle for several years as both college professor and employer. As a professor, Mrs. Lytle is dedicated, charismatic and helpful, and has an excellent manner of managing content. She is always willing to answer questions from students and goes the extra mile to make sure students understand the content.

Her natural leadership and public speaking skills are essential in the classroom, she uses this ability to keep the class interesting. Ms. Lytle was always on time with her grades and grades people fairly. She has also strong interpersonal skills; it is easy to communicate with Mrs. Lytle in or outside of the classroom.

She is highly motivated in her lectures, always prepared and on time. One aspect I particularly enjoyed during her classes, was the use of dynamic multimedia-oriented lessons, always with extraordinary and easy to understand PowerPoint presentations, vivid imagery and clear content, as well as the use of internet capabilities to search online.

Mrs. Lytle design skills are top notch, detail oriented when it comes to color, typography, placement and layout. Everything she does has a reason. Her attention to detail reflects her personal work as a designer. She is also deadline oriented, both with students and with her personal work with clients. Other important characteristic of Ms. Lytle is her knowledge in Adobe software; her explanations were always helpful and clear.

I highly recommend Ms. Ellen Lytle without reservation. Her teaching and professional experience would be valuable to any design school. It was always a pleasure to share time with Ms. Lytle in the classroom. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Ivan Trujillo, M.F.A.


Stela Murat
Senior Designer/Art Director
PH: 404.643.9972
Atlanta, GA

To Whom It May Concern:
Recommendation letter for Ellen Lytle M.A., M.Des.

Ellen Lytle was my professor in the History of Graphic Design class in 2002 at the Art Institute of Atlanta. She is an excellent instructor, who presented the material in an organized and engaging manner. The lectures were packed with relevant information accompanied with visual and written supplements.

The project Ms. Lytle assigned to the class was very demanding yet interesting, and it forced me to utilize the knowledge of different design periods that were taught in class – from arts and crafts to minimalism. To this day, because of this project I am able to immediately recognize the different styles and influences in contemporary graphic design as well as appropriately apply them in my design work.

Furthermore, Ms. Lytle compiled a type book that was available to all students, and encouraged us to use it as a reference in our search for appropriate typefaces when working on projects. Even though I have been out of school for almost four years, I still use the type book. Ms. Lytle inspired me to continue compiling and organizing my fonts and become a bit of a typography fanatic.

I highly recommend Ms. Lytle as an instructor in any graphic design subject. She is passionate about graphic design, and willing to instill the best design and typography practices in students.

Stela Murat