STUDENT WORK: Conceptual Reimagineering—Catalog Design

Conceptual Reimagineering of Catalogs

(Below) Catalogs have become standardized and predictable in their approach to marketing products. Students were given a software
package of typographic dingbats to use as a product and were asked to redefine, re-engineer, and re-imagine catalogs from a
communications, strategic and conceptual viewpoint.

The topic was interpreted using archetypes present in the collective unconscious. Students explored cultural literacy and referential design
(using the experiences and images known to be present in the audience). Extensive field testing of the design using sample audience
members is an integral part of the refinement process.

(Below) This catalog recalls camp 1950s pulp fiction, 3D movies and science fiction references as the environment for the product.
This is an electronic document that displays in 3D on the screen using multiple images. This print version doesn’t do it justice and only
gives a vague idea of the 3D experience.


(Above) Print version of 3D electronic document


The Committee is Watching Catalog

(Above) “The Committee Is Watching” is designed as a story using a tongue-in-cheek approach of Cold War and Apocalyptic references in both the visuals and custom copy. The twelve-page catalog uses chemical weapons, implements of war, gas masks, and bombs to invoke feelings of dread and instill fear.




Dingbat Motel

(Above) “The Dingbat Motel” – Student solution uses the theme of 1940s roadside motels to showcase dingbats integrated into the imagery. Awarded the Silver Award at ShowSouth in the student category.


Dingbat Motel

Readers explore the product by opening three-dimensional doorways, pulling samples out of windows, and finding samples hidden behind signage. Die cuts tabs and finger holes separate the categories. Lifting the door on the top pages reveals playing card size removable cards with the complete list of dingbats in each category.

DIngbat Motel - Retro 1950s Theme used to showcase dingbats


Student catalog in form of poster

(Above) Student catalog of computer equipment in the shape of a poster.