STUDENT WORK: Typography—Ligature

The concept of a ligature is crucial for mastering typographic logotypes for corporate identity work.

Introduction to Typography: Ligature Project

A ligature is defined as two letters combined into one form for the purpose of speeding
typesetting. Common ligatures include ff, fi, and ae. A ligature shares a common element
in a fluid manner. This concept is crucial for mastering typographic logotypes for later
corporate identity work.

Project Goals:

  • Examine the construction of text and display typography.
  • Create path-defined characters in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Employ hand and computer techniques to the alteration of letterforms for better use of space
    and increased legibility.
  • Sort typographic characters by common characteristics.
  • Define the parts of typographic characters by their industry standard terminology.

Project Directions:

  • Analyze all the common elements of a typeface in 52 small sketches—angles, serifs, crossbars, etc.
  • Consider combinations betweens different fonts and weights within a family.
  • Connect two letters with a common element.
  • Refine and adjust the letters for maximum legibility good spacing, and smooth connections.


  • Smooth Transitions
  • Good Spacing
  • Legibility
  • Visually Interesting Solution

(Below) Student Solutions to the Ligature Problem:

ligature of E and Rligature of G and Pligature of E and Z
N and R Ligature
ligature um
HE Ligature