STUDENT WORK: Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics and Stop Motion Animation

Project Statement: Kine: An Experiment in Time

(Kine or Kino is ancient Greek and refers to motion/movement.)

Project: Design a film title sequence with the topic of the film, the plot, actors’ names, and director’s name.
Title sequence should preview the plot of the film for viewers. You can choose any commercial, indie or
art film to interpret. You cannot copy the existing media graphics, you have develop entirely new images.
(Sorry…you cannot use animated or the Star Wars/Star Trek films.)

Break the sequence into 24 well-designed and completely refined steps showing the plot and the characters.
Students are encouraged to use drawing, painting, cut paper, collage, photography, iMovie, Claymation,
Flash, Adobe products and other computer software. Images can be realistic, representational or
purely abstract. Formal elements of art and design must
be considered such
as composition, line, value, color, balance, unity and harmony.

Projects will be evaluated on concept, craft/neatness, color, typography and movement of the
sequential images.

The final 24 images should be cut out neatly and mounted on a piece of foamcore for presentation in
4 rows of 6.

Format:  16:9 format (HD Video), 480 pixels x 270 pixels, 6.6 in x 3.75 in; templates provided

Tips/Options to consider:

  • Research Saul Bass’ title sequences
  • You can shoot sequential photographs (consider using a tripod).
  • Capture video stills and print as photographs.
  • Research stop animation.
  • Storyboard your idea in your journal.
  • You can create images using your phone and stop motion apps

Potential Materials: Cut Paper, Photographs, Drawing/Painting Materials, Rubber cement

Vocabulary and Concepts: Kine, Persistence of Vision, After Image, Stop Motion Animation,
Storyboard, Stereoscope, Zoetrope, Fourth Dimension, Time-based Media, Frames Per Second (FPS),
Film, Video, Serial Imagery/Photography