Typeface Design

Eight new typeface designs incorporate inspiration from historical influences, travel and my personal photographs.

New typeface designs incorporate inspiration from historical influences, travel and my photographs. I have
designed eight typefaces using Fontographer and FontLab. 

CHARLESTON/CHARLESTON INCISED/CHARLESTON INLINE is a decorative font reminiscent of lettering
used on currency. It is currently in development. The solid version is a revival of a typeface found in an
old type catalog from the late 1800s. 

CINCINNATI is inspired by the Art Deco-era buildings in the city, like the Carew Tower and Union Terminal.
The typeface was suggested as an official typeface for the city in the Over-the-Rhine Blog.

SKYLINE (below) is an ultra-condensed sans serif typeface reminiscent of a city skyline. It is highly legible for print,
online use and posters. The typeface is a reference to the skyline of Cincinnati and to my favorite Skyline Chili.


MELTED CHOCOLATE is a typeface influenced by heavy 20th century German typography. It was designed
by hand with pencil sketches scanned in to the computer and traced. The curves were refined and simplified. The
photograph is a stock photo.

Sample of Melted Chocolate typeface